About agueda villaman

Agueda Villaman, Founder

An expert in the occult and spirituality, Agueda Villaman hails from a prestigious family in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. She developed her talents as a child and has dedicated herself to working with the spirit world for over 40 years. She has been recognized by various institutions and has written three spanish-language books based on her work: Armonizando (2000), Armonizando Con Sabiduría Ancestral (2004), and Patrimonio (2012, currently in development). Agueda Villaman also produces and hosts a weekly television show, Sabiduria Ancestral, which has been broadcasting via Time Warner Cable's Channel 35 for 9 consecutive years, and is founder and owner of Centro Espiritual Agueda.

Centro Espiritual Agueda

Centro Espiritual Agueda is a center for spiritual help and development. Agueda Villaman is well-versed in all methods of divination (including readings with cups, tarot, candles, and the pendulum), and she uses these to determine the best strategy to address her clients' specific problems. In addition, we work with the 21 Division and offer the best products for all your spiritual needs. We are open daily from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. Call (212) 543-4925 for more information.

Sabiduria Ancestral TV

Agueda Villaman produces and hosts her own television program which specializes in all things spirituality. The show Sabiduria Acestral explores the spiritual world and offers its viewers the opportunity to learn about the different customs, traditions and beliefs that make up this culture. The show covers everything from folklore and it's origins, supernatural powers, fortune telling and card readings, working with candles, healing properties of incense and cleansing rituals that benefit both business and home.

Awards and Accomplishments

2011Spirituality Specialist / The Bronx Dominican Parade
2008City Council Citation, Participation in voluntary programs in the City of New York
2007Honoring The TV Program Sabiduria Ancestral / Casa Cultural Dominicana y La Gran Parada Dominicana del Bronx, NY
2005Writer / The Bronx Dominican Parade 16 Anniversary
2001 Merit Award / The Bronx Dominican Parade